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更新时刻! 以下是有哪些新东西:

  • popcornmix 做了很大的改动在Raspberry Pi的XBMC播放器上, 并且向后移植了这些. 这些带来和修正了以下方面:
    • 观看视频时同步的问题
    • 修正播放HBO内容的问题
    • 修正播放带有双音轨的MKV文件的问题
    • 快进和转回的支持
    • LiveTV改进
    • 很多架构师的修改
  • Boblight现在已经可作为一个dispmanx的实现, 使之以后更易维护. 客户端本身也更快了, 因为它用Boost库来处理strings. 你需要修改boblight配置来兼容新的后台服务. 感谢Speedy1985 和 brooc
  • Raspbmc现在包含了一个VNC服务器并且可在Raspbmc设置中开启. 要注意这个会影响UI性能并且当前只是试验箱的功能. 感谢Peter Hanzel做出的最出版的dispmanx实现.
  • Raspbmc有了跟其他版本的XBMC一样的截屏功能 (只要按Prt Screen键)
  • 同时在DTS解码方面也有改进,RISC OS的伙计们做了漂亮的工作优化了解码途径使用ARMV6汇编.
  • 新的Raspbmc皮肤看起来像个tad blurry,  可视化界面已经刷新和更新了。 非常感谢Brad Watson
  • 修复搜索在SSID中带空格的WIFI热点的问题 — 感谢 hmo
  • ARM 加速功能在 <string.h>文件中 — 这个代表速度的提升!
  • 更新的固件和内核包括了:
    • MJPEG支持
    • 修复USB断开的问题
  • The Raspbmc Cloud is in a private testing beta at the moment. While functional, to release it in its current state would be unscalable and I am of the opinion that it is better to release the service when it can truly cope with demand rather than have an intermittent and unreliable service.

Last month, I said I would make a special announcement. Raspbmc will become part of the linXBMC distribution, although it will retain it’s branding due to its success. LinXBMC will bring the quality of Raspbmc and Crystalbuntu to all devices, with excellent functionality such as streaming from your browser to XBMC. Find out more about what LinxBMC is here. This transition is still some way off however.

Previous shortfalls such as playback issues or a lack of true seeking support are now a thing of the past, making the Raspberry Pi a better candidate for a media center than ever! Just restart your Raspberry Pi to get the update.

If you enjoy Raspbmc, and this update, and would like to support continued development, you can make a donation here.

Update: Users who installed via NOOBS should backup their cmdline.txt before updating or they will get a rootfs mounting error. Future versions of NOOBS will fix this issue.