Kodi user to pay attention,Third-party extensions machine will become the mining machine to dig coins

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Popular open source multimedia player Kodi support expansion,Extended Support section pirated content,So even with Kodi has become the object of copyright side blow。 These extensions can be downloaded from third-party extensions,The management of these extensions are not so strict。ESET researchers found, Bubbles、Part of the extension of Gaia and XvBMC hidden malicious code,Kodi download will activate a second extension,Installation mining program,Mining Monroe currency。 Bubbles、Gaia has gone offline and XvBMC,But not because of safety issues but because of copyright complaint。Kodi support multiple platforms,The mining program supports Windows and Linux。The researchers found that infected more than mining program 4,700 Victims,produced 62 A currency Monroe,Worth about… Read MoreKodi user to pay attention,Third-party extensions machine will become the mining machine to dig coins »

Creating Kodi plug

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与时俱进kodi插件开发已经引入npm来创建但是找不到generator-kodi 看到的说明才知道是提示错误应该是 npm install -g yo npm install -g generator-kodi-addon 开始创建一个插件来方便浏览本站 plugin.xbmcintc.viewer (5339) Related PostsKodi 18 命名为 “Leia” Kodi18代号建议征集 如何用Kodi收看自己找的电视直播源 Kodi中如何为皮肤添加和更改字体 Kodi中Aeon Nox皮肤添加快捷方式菜单和子菜单

Read Kodiv18 – The story so far

2017In around November,Team decided v17 krypton mature enough,You can start publishing steps,Therefore it from our main development tree branches out。This basically means that it gained its place in our development repository,And only receive bug fixes and small improvements。This is also the release of several core developers and start cleaning up the possibility of another carnival improved time,This is also the beginning of v17。This usually requires more steps to take to avoid sex during the cleanup code,And less consideration of certain parts will be destroyed within a certain time。Establish a good foundation is the key to anything,And also includes a software application。 When people continue to use it is difficult renovated house,And when part of the house was demolished and rebuilt move them to the neighbors house easier。 Maybe it's a simple analogy,But it fits。The other is on the highway at 120km / h speed of the engine and replacement of wheels of the vehicle。Better to put it aside,Do it,And still give the driver a properly working spare car,Although it is not very fancy driving。 In the past,We have mentioned do RERO (often released earlier version),to be frank,So far we have not really reached that part。Only the final version of the patch to the version we see fit to provide patches immediately。For large applications like Kodi who,There are many platforms and components,RERO method for all relevant staff are very demanding,May do so in a state where we are now does not make sense。We do see this,On the right track。Currently v17 has been a year (in November last year, when there are bug fixes 17.6),But it does work properly across the board,And it should be able to work long hours。As we continue to work with the current v18 Leia,It is clear,Our current work process work very well。A healthy balance (at least this is my personal feeling) in the current clean-up,Between repair and return of function is effective。Many team members and ordinary users running these constructs night,And use very stable。of course,You should still remember,Any upgrade will appear glitch,Because we are still rework。We have a recent backup of course always a good idea。   Now we get now includes this part is what actually happened over the past year。 so far,我们已经完成了 超过5900个(代码块已更改) 超过1830个拉取请求(一次性包含的提交的集合) 超过7580个变更文件 删除了超过350.000条代码行 添加了超过397.000个代码行 超过35名开源开发人员 很多空闲时间开发和测试这些变化 很可能有几例啤酒或葡萄酒 所以这些志愿者开发者和人员完成了很多工作。Once you want to start the upgrade experience,You will feel very happy,And appreciate the work being done。 Overall stability and usability are key,Overall stability has improved a lot。Since only the poor tear encoding means,And with a more standard structural design and replaced,You still encounter glitches or crashes occasionally occur。并不是说旧的代码很糟糕但随着时间的推移新的见解被获得而新的代码标准使得它更好解开所有部件或组件使它们彼此相邻的行为更好这是迄今为止所做的最大努力之一曲库 对于那些非常关心拥有一个干净的音乐库的人来说音乐部门也取得了很多进步通过代码和扫描选项可以更好地理解过去的意图并以更有条理的方式重做尽管视频库处于更好的维护状态但视频库的部分属于相同帐户然而v18中的新功能与音乐类似现在我们也可以使用嵌入式标签并根据该标签填充库而不是使用文件名目前这已被默认禁用,Because of the lack true definition video tag good standard and appropriate software easy to use。We hope that this capability is now available with Cody,Interested in acquiring these capabilities will make it possible。 电视直播… Read MoreRead Kodiv18 – The story so far »

Foreign Kodi still hot,Domestic limited to primary stage of socialism continued silence temporarily

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国外Kodi依然火爆 热门Kodi插件刮图认证内容来源电影和电视电视直播新闻教育(2018年2月) 非官方的Kodi插件社区更新(向下滚动亚马逊Fire TV赠品) 国内限于社会主义初级阶段暂时还是继续沉寂NAS产品倒是出现了很多。 (6512) Related Posts用Live Mix插件来观看电视直播 安装插件VidTime看电影曲棍球和更多 介绍Kodi万能媒体提供商插件UMP 对未来科迪版本中全新的面貌 开发中的Kodi 17默认皮肤Estuary

MediaCenter OS for Amlogic S805/812/905

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MediaCenter OS for Amlogic S805/812/905: EPG (4015)

Try using Bash on Ubuntu compile Kodi source code on Windows 10

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Bash On Ubuntu在Windows10的安装参照 安装完成后在window 10的cmd窗口中输入bash即可进入bash on ubuntu界面在bash on ubuntu界面安装编译Kodi所需各项依赖参照 编译代码出现错误在编译到lib/cpluff包的时候暂时没找到修复办法: (3783) Related PostsUbuntu 14.04 编译 LibreELEC Ubuntu 16.04 编译XBMC/Kodi时Configure的问题 Kodi in Raspberry Pi 3… Read MoreTry using Bash on Ubuntu compile Kodi source code on Windows 10 »

ATV4 Code

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ATV4 Kodi更新 ATV4通过虚拟机安装KODI ATV4 UUID MrMC Kodi for ATV4 ATV4 Sideload kodi (4362) Related PostsKodi v16.0 “Jarvis”正式版释出 擦拭干净并用最新的扩展中心重新配置Kodi Aeon MQ… Read MoreATV4 Code »