最近没用树莓派突然无法启动了RaspberryPi树莓派无法启动了排查过程 记录如下

  1. 首先确认是否电源供电问题现在的现象是电源灯PWR常亮电源用的是iPad的用表接伴奏上的TP1和TP2测了下电压5.05V看起来电源正常参考资料为提示树莓派90%的故障是电源故障!!附5V电源检查方法
  2. 又仔细看了下官方的wiki发现以下一句If the card is not new, you should format it and make sure there is only one partition (FAT32 is a good choice); otherwise Win32DiskImager can make corrupt your SD card!” 猜想可能是没写好SD卡此时把SD卡插到本本的SD卡槽无反应于是用了个读卡器这次可以看到SD卡大小为250M在window磁盘管理里面看到确实有隐藏的分区在SD卡上于是乎找了恢复工具SD卡擦空还原(恢复原始容量)新工具SD Formatter恢复后卡容量显示正确winimagewriter重新烧录2013-02-09-wheezy-raspbian.img未果又用flashnul烧了一下还是只拷贝了60M左右应该看起来明显不对
  3. 于是换一张新卡这次拷贝貌似正确希望这次好用。。。。。。。。。。D:\InstFiles\ISO\Tools\flashnul-1rc1>flashnul.exe I: -L D:/InstFiles/ISO/RPi/Raspbian/2013-02-09-wheezy-raspbian.img
    GetFreeDiskSpaceEx() failed: Access is denied.Disk I: (UNC name: \\.\I:)
    ————————————————————[Drive geometry]–
    Cylinders/heads/sectors = 126130/1/63
    Bytes per sector = 512
    CHS size = 4068449280 (3879 Mb)
    —————————————————————[Device size]–
    Device size = 4064280576 (3876 Mb)
    delta to near power of 2 = 230686720 (220 Mb), 5%
    ———————————————–[Adapter & Device properties]–
    Bus type = (0) UNKNOWN
    Removable device = Yes
    Command Queue = Unsupported
    Device vendor = RICOH
    Device name = R5C822
    Revision = 01
    Device serial =
    ————————————————————–[Hotplug info]–
    Device hotplug = Yes
    Media hotplug = No

    Selected operation: load file content
    Selected drive: I:, 4064280576b (3876 Mb)

    Type ‘yes’ to confirm operation. All other text will stop it.

    Really destroy data on drive I:? :yes

    Runing operation [load file content] for drive I:

    Writing 0x73960000 (1849 Mb), 6734471 b/s
    image load finished

    ———————————————————-[Operation result]–
    passes: 1
    errors: 0
    write bytes: 1939865600 (1850 Mb)
    avg. write speed: 6734527 (6576 kb/s)
    max/min write speed: 0 (0 b/s) / 0 (0 b/s)

    Press ENTER to exit.

  4. 但是上一步的貌似正确的卡还是无法启动。要放弃了的时候又重新拿新卡重复了一遍SDFormater和winimagewriter. 这次尽然启动了…



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